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PERURAIL – PROJECTS l Lorenzo Sousa Debarbieri

PERURAIL – PROJECTS l Lorenzo Sousa Debarbieri

800px-PeruRail_Highest_pointCSR PERURAIL – PROJECTS

Through the last 13 years, PeruRail has developed series of actions with the communities in Cusco and the ones located through the railway in the route to Machu Picchu and Titicaca Lake. Within these years we have worked with different strategies that have had as a result a number of social programs that aim for a sustainable development.
This programs involve an intercultural approach to the expectations of the locals. This is why everything lines up with our core business to make an intelligent management which involves a commitment with the environment, health and culture of locals.

1. Community Projects and partnerships, including charity donations

Local community projects, includes support of charities or foundations (initiatives and partnerships to promote public health, employment and training of local people, entrepreneurship, apprentice, shelter and food bank program).

09fc69_b16edd_05_25_donacion_huayroncoyocSocial support

PeruRail works with a large number of social projects focused on improving the conditions of the communities and making a significant contribution in their personal, social, environmental, cultural and economic development. This includes donations to different local initiatives like traditional festivities of the population, as well as other activities throughout the year like the Christmas celebrations.
There are another kind of donations in specific situations where PeruRail´s contribution is fundamental for the communities. For example, when the population located through the railway is affected by natural disasters.
As Cusco is characterized by its complicated weather, mainly in winter, many homes are really affected by the heavy rain. In these cases, we seek to take immediate action to mitigate the impact of the disasters on communities. We make several donations that provide them with food, tools and building supplies to lessen the damage in the zone.
PeruRail has a team of volunteers who support our target communities with social and health campaigns throughout the year. Also, they are in charge of the organization of environmental activities that educate the population by involving them in recreational activities and reforestation days.

Campaña-de-donación-en-Cusco-LowMachu Picchu para todos

“Machu Picchu para todos” (Machu Picchu for all) is another project lined up to our core business that aims to promote the Peruvian culture and the diffusion of national identity. Therefor all our efforts are focused in the benefits we can provide to low-income residents. We give them the opportunity to have access and visit the historical Sanctuary of Machu Picchu.
In 2011, 2300 locals participated in this program, the majority of them were children. Without a doubt, these children filled up with joy and color the train´s cars. This encourages us to continue promoting this project and other partnerships so that more Peruvians can access to better opportunities.
This year the program has allowed us to improve the activities in the train with the children. We arrange the transportation of children from different communities to the Inca´s citadel. Because this children live in such poor conditions, this activity is a unique experience for them, an adventure on board.

2. Supply chain and local initiatives

Seeking to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger in the community through local economic development including use of local suppliers, goods and services and helping generate opportunities and investments for local enterprise and ownership

reisePromoting Peru´s image

PeruRail is committed with the promotion and diffusion of the country´s image. Therefore, all our services focus on offering a unique experience that shows the different expressions of our culture and identity.
The menu and snacks on board our trains invite the passengers to explore the incredible flavors of Peruvian cuisine, including native products of the Andes.
The Peruvian culture is also displayed in the shows and artistic activities in the train. The folklore of the region is represented in dances and traditional melodies.
Also, on board trains, we promote the quality of products made in alpaca, valued worldwide for its delicacy and original designs.

Misky Cuy

Thanks to the relationship we keep with the communities we were able to identify the needs of the locals and the best way to help them. In 2011, a project with women of Tanccar and Piscacucho (High and Low Piscacucho) communities started. Both communities are located in Ollantaytambo district, in the province of Urubamba.
Here we started training the women in the breeding and commercialization of guinea pigs at a family level. This program is called “Misky Cuy” or “Delicious cuy”.
Currently, we have a small productive chain around the sale of guinea pigs, with great prospects encouraging us to replicate this effort in other places in the Cusco region.
We tailor each program to the context and situation of each community, enhancing different qualities of the population.


This Project is developed in partnership with Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge. It aims to build abilities around organic crop production. As a result, we develop theoretical and practical workshops where students can experiment and apply their knowledge.

HIR-EXT-PLAT-001Local train service

Since the beginning of the company’s operations, PeruRail has provided a social service of train transportation, with a non-commercial rate of USD 1.50 and USD 2.50.

This allows all the people of the communities that live through the railway, be transported on the train between the city and its localities.
This service is offered to facilitate the integration of the local communities economical and commercial activities with the center of the city.

Education initiatives

Support the development of local education programs, schools, children’s groups. Donating resources and time through programs and partnerships aimed at universal EEAA/CR education and opportunities for youth, including careers youth careers initiatives (if applicable)

education and opportunities for youth, including careers youth careers initiatives (if applicable)

Peru Rail is sponsor of a national contest that rewards the most relevant research on tourism and external commerce: “Premio MINCETUR” (MINCETUR Award). Students from all over the country participate in this competition (high school, technical institutes and universities).
This competition encourages creative research and development projects. The best projects are awarded and implemented with the support of the public and private sector.

Security on the railway – educational campaign

PeruRail is committed with the safety in its operations, carrying out various actions promoting the awareness and importance of the traffic rules along the route with our target communities, located throughout the railway. For instance, educational talks about traffic signals were dictated in different schools.
At this time we are implementing the next stage, which covers a range of theatrical interventions for children from schools. This way, the children can be an example for their communities and make other aware of the importance of the traffic rules along the railway.

4. Environmental operation

Supporting environmental sustainability initiatives at the property including improvements in areas such as waste and water management, energy use, carbon footprint reduction, pollution control and chemicals.}

Transport of solid waste

Since 1999, year in which our operations began in the south of the country, we started with the implementation of a social service focused on the transportation of solid waste, provided to all the communities located along the railroad tracks. EEAA/CR Solid waste is transferred from Machu Picchu to a specific area in Urubamba. This happens twice a week (Monday and Thursday). The train moves solid waste in two of its cars, having always one available if the situation requires it.

Solid waste is transferred from Machu Picchu to a specific area in Urubamba. This happens twice a week (Monday and Thursday). The train moves solid waste in two of its cars, having always one available if the situation requires it.
The volume of the solid waste that we transport is approximately of 80 tones. We have established a number of points to pick up the solid waste through the railway (from Pactar community to the hydroelectric, kilometers 88, 106 and 122). All the solid waste is discharged in a specific zone determined by the city council in Urubamba.
This Project is defined as part of our contribution with the awareness and preservation of the environment in our Corporative Social Responsibility politic. Therefore this service is offered without cost. It requires a sustained investment over time from the company. We also organized environmental campaigns and conferences to create awareness of the importance of our environment.

5. Destination Stewardship

Protecting and promoting indigenous culture, heritage and monument projects for the conservation of wildlife biodiversity and providing guests with information on local excursions and events.

Promotion of culture

Cusco is a city with a rich cultural heritage. Because of the diversity of cultural expressions of the different people of the region, Peru is a country proud of its ancient past.
Over the years, PeruRail has supported various traditional festivities of many communities who celebrate through its folklore, cuisine and religion, their history and tradition.

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