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Program called “Misky Cuy” or “Delicious cuy”

Misky-Cuy-11Also, on board trains, we promote the quality of products made in alpaca, valued worldwide for its delicacy and original designs.

Thanks to the relationship we keep with the communities we were able to identify the needs of the locals and the best way to help them. In 2011, a project with women of Tanccar and Piscacucho (High and Low Piscacucho) communities started. Both communities are located in Ollantaytambo district, in the province of Urubamba.

Here we started training the women in the breeding and commercialization of guinea pigs at a family level. This program is called “Misky Cuy” or “Delicious cuy”.

Currently, we have a small productive chain around the sale of guinea pigs, with great prospects encouraging us to replicate this effort in other places in the Cusco region.

We tailor each program to the context and situation of each community, enhancing different qualities of the population.

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