perulogoMore than a decade in Peru creating unforgettable journeys and transporting more than 9 million of travelers from all over the world.

Our services have the top international quality standards in service, security and punctuality.

PeruRail is a company committed to Peru from its beginning, and has revolutionized and constantly gone for the high level tourism development, and has also promoted multiple projects involving the development of communities in influential areas. Learn More About Perurail


ftsaFerrocarril Transandino S.A. was winner of the international audience, by which I take in concession for a period of 30 years, administration, improvement and maintenance of the road férrrea in the South and South-East of Peru. This represents a total of 980 kilometers of track, which is divided into the following two sections:

South Line: Matarani / Mollendo-Arequipa-Juliaca / Puno-Cusco with a total of 800 kilometers and a track width of 1,435 millimeters. This track is known as Standard Trocha.

South-East Line: Cusco-Machupicchu-Hydroelectric with a total of 124 kilometers and a track width of 914 mm, called Narrow Trail.

Since beginning operations in September of 1999, Railway Trans SA has concentrated its work on improving the safety condition of the railway in the lines above, which had some stretches at high risk.

During the first four years, Rail Trans SA has invested heavily in improving the railway. Within these investments include the acquisition of 5 machines or tamper Rameadoras latest technology, which have the particularity noticeably faster leveling work rails as well as the placement of ballast or crushed stone.
At the same time, the use of sleeping-exchange machines allow high productivity have a replacement of these important components of the pathway. Learn More About FTSA


We are a Peruvian-British owned company, which is part of the Orient-Express Collection, providing responsible solutions for the mining industry, especially in the southern highlands of Peru.

We carry large volumes of freight via rail or bimodal system, providing an efficient and reliable alternative for the transport of minerals and any freight leaving through the Port of Matarani, in Arequipa. We offer a customized service to meet your needs, following international standards in terms of reliability, safety and environmental responsibility, having obtained ISO accreditation for each type of attribute:

Reliability and Quality: ISO 9001:2008, which certifies the quality management system, focused on processes ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in our services.
Safety: OSHAS 18000:2007 Certificate, which certifies the meeting of occupational safety and health standards, thanks to a successful process for the assessment of risks.
Environmental Responsibility: ISO 14000:2004, which certifies theenvironmental management, improving efficiency in our organization, which is crucial for the success of any business.
PeruRail Cargo has been operating since 1999, responding to the needs of an increasingly demanding market. Since then, we have been achieving a steady growth in the market share of the southern region of the country, providing tailored solutions.

Our comparative advantages as an alternative in freight transport:

  • – Our service meets quality, safety and environmental standards.
  • – We are focused on the transportation of large volumes of freight.
  • – We offer services tailored to the needs of our customers.
  • – Our staff is very well trained, with broad experience.
  • – Our Company has over 6000 m2 of storage in the south of the country.
  • – We meet FRA technical standards (General Railway Administration -International Standard).
  • – Our Company is the safest option for the transportation of minerals.