Supply chain and local initiatives

We believe that tourism should favor not only large investors, but the entire community to create social inclusion and development in the surrounding areas.

Therefore, our hotels have developed a policy that favors, whenever possible, different producers in communities of the Cusco region. – Dairy products and produce from La Salle Institute – Fruit and produce from ARPAC (association of 5,000 Cusco farmers from Yanatile and La Convención valleys) – Native potatoes from community of Huama and, as of July 2013, from the community of Coñamuro as well – Ceramic cups in MON, HRS and HB where we serve pisco sours and tea is purchased from Orphanage of Santa Rosa de Lamay – Ceramic decorative pieces in NAZ where purchased from local ceramicist Tater Vera

National Potato Day fair celebrated at MON – May 30 2013